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Grand  Foundation Repair provides residential, commercial, slab, and concrete
foundation repair for the Dallas | Fort Worth
Metroplex (DFW).

We are experienced and qualified to safely raise your building and put it back on a solid

We offer low cost, affordable foundation repair solutions.

Concrete Piers
(Press Pilings)
To make your repairs, We must
re-support your foundation on
columns. We will install the columns
by hydraulically driving them
beneath the foundation. Our
columns, which are called pilings,
serve two purposes. First, the pilings
serve as platforms upon which we
set jacks to raise the settled portions
of the foundation. Second, the
pilings transfer the weight of the
building from the unstable surface
soils to deeper, more stable layers.
The process individually tests the
bearing capability of the soil and
piling at each location.
Keep in Mind that:

  •      We offer Free estimate.
  •      We are fully insured.
  •      All repairs are Guaranteed for the life of the home.
  •            Life time transferable warranty.

Floor Leveling

Floor leveling is an option to consider
if settlement has caused the floors to
become out of level to the extent that
it has affected the quality of the living
space. After many years, building
foundations will have some degree of
settlement. There are a variety of
factors which contribute to the
underlying causes of settlement
issues that need to be evaluated to
find the best remedy for each
individual case. However, most often
foundation settlement is due to poor
drainage surrounding the building.

Steel Piers
       Steel piers are widely considered to be the best piering method for Dallas/ Fort Worth soils.
  • Steel piers regularly achieve depths of 30 feet, generally resulting in a pier that sits on rock.
  • The additional depth of steel piers is achieved by utilizing the friction reduction collar. By
    removing the friction along the pier wall, the pier can be pushed until load-bearing stratum
    is reached.
  • Steel piers are end bearing piers. This means they sit on load bearing strata.
  • Steel piers can be spread further apart than concrete pilings, thus helping mitigate the
    additional cost of steel, done at no cost to the homeowner.