You may have come here because you have noticed the telltale signs of foundation
problems inside or outside your home: uneven floors, cracks in the walls around doors
and windows, doors that stick or do not shut properly, a leaning chimney, or cracking
between exterior brick and mortar. You want someone to fix the problem, protect your
home's value, and give you peace of mind.
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Grand Foundation Repair has
been providing Foundation Repair services to the
DFW area for the past 15 years. We offer a
variety of foundation repair services for residential
and commercial buildings in Texas.

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What We Do

Grand Foundation Repair

provides the best foundation repair solution
possible. We are not a typical foundation
repair company. We're backed and
supported by the expertise of Professional
Engineers. When you call, we Dispatch a
Professional Engineer to inspect and
evaluate your foundation. After conducting a
thorough evaluation, our engineers
determine if foundation repairs are
necessary, you will receive a detailed
foundation footprint drawing including
elevation readings and an estimate. Repaired
areas are often covered by a lifetime
transferable warranty.
Keep in Mind that:

  •      We offer Free estimate.
  •      We are fully insured.
  •      All repairs are Guaranteed for the life of the home.
  •            Life time transferable warranty.
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